Experienced Gilbert Pediatric Dentistry for Patients with Special Needs

Picture of mother and child with special needsIf you are the parent or guardian of a child or adult who requires special care, you know how difficult it can be to find a dental office that’s a good fit. At Center for Pediatric Dentistry, we believe that everyone should have access to quality dentistry, no matter their circumstances. We welcome all patients with special needs, including adults, and have the experience and training to provide effective, sensitive care.

Whether you’re looking for a place for preventive care or have more advanced dental needs, Dr. Rassa Abdoll and his team are here for you. We strive to treat each patient with compassion, patience, and gentleness. We proudly deliver reliable dental care to families in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and the surrounding communities. Contact us today to learn how we can help your loved one enjoy a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles.


Helping Patients with Special Needs Protect Their Smiles

There are many different types of people who require a more sensitive approach when it comes to their dental care. Patients dealing with physical, medical, developmental, or cognitive conditions may need more advanced care from a professional with specific training to meet their needs. Pediatric dentists regularly receive this kind of training, allowing them to provide specialized care that most general dentists aren’t equipped to provide.

young boy on wheel chair smilingAt our practice, Dr. Abdoll and his team are passionate about providing quality care for patients with special needs. We work with patients with autism, Down syndrome, and many other conditions, providing them with standard and advanced dental care on a regular basis.

On top of his extended training as a pediatric dentist, Dr. Abdoll is highly qualified to help those with more complex needs and requirements. He takes the time to understand your situation and tailor his approach to suit them. Our team always uses a gentle and accommodating approach, and work through any challenges to delivering care in stride.

When you bring your child to our office, you’ll receive peace of mind knowing they’ll receive the care and attention they need. If you’re looking for a dental home with a team that sincerely cares about dental health for all, we invite you to give us a call today. Our staff is here to support you and your child and help them protect their smiles.

Special Care Dentistry for Adults

portrait of happy woman and man with disability together on spring lawnIf you are a parent or guardian of an adult with special needs, you may not expect help from a pediatric dental office. While our practice primarily focuses on children, when it comes to caring for patients with sensitive needs, we don’t believe in age limits.

We know how important it is for patients of all ages to have a healthy smile, and how valuable it can be to have a dental office able and willing to provide that type of care. That’s why we proudly serve children and adults alike with dedicated preventive and restorative dentistry.

Special Care Dentistry Services and Treatments We Provide

When it comes to our more sensitive patients, we strive to provide thorough and comprehensive care. We know that people in these circumstances may have more difficulty maintaining good hygiene at home, so we step up to meet their needs where they are.

At our practice, we deliver the following services with care and expertise:

  • Endodontics
  • Oral Surgery
  • Laser Dentistry
  • Emergency Dentistry
  • And More

We strive to make all of our services effective and accessible to all. Our building is wheelchair-accessible, and we work with parents and guardians to accommodate any special requirements for visits as best we can.

Preventive Care with Exams and Cleanings

cute little girl in wheelchair holding teddy bearRegular dental exams and cleanings are an essential part of protecting your smile at any age. However, we know that many people with special needs can have high sensitivity and discomfort that can make it difficult to receive this care. As a committed professional dental team, we are ready and willing to adapt our care to our patient’s needs.

If your child is uncomfortable or distressed by being in a dental chair, we’re happy to work with them. Dr. Abdoll can often perform a simple exam right in our lobby, where children feel more relaxed. He can then provide a diagnosis and discuss with you about what kind of care or treatment is needed.

If a more detailed exam, cleaning, or x-rays are needed, we do our best to make these services as calm and low-stress as possible for your child. We work with you to find solutions that make them feel safe and comfortable. We also provide dental sedation as needed with nitrous oxide (laughing gas), so that they remain awake and alert, but feel much more relaxed.

Advanced Dental Care for Patients with Special Needs

When a person with special needs has a more severe dental problem, treatment can often be complex. The nature of their condition or the effect of medication they may take brings many different factors into play. Because of this, dental surgery in our office may not be practical or appropriate.

Dr. Abdoll will coordinate with surgery centers or hospitals to ensure that your child can receive the advanced care they need. Procedures will be performed and monitored by qualified medical professionals, with Dr. Abdoll assisting for their dental needs. This can allow the team to provide comprehensive care for their needs while addressing risks safely and effectively. Any procedures will involve complete anesthesia, so your child’s needs are met without causing them undue distress.

Special Needs Dentistry FAQ

When it comes to dentistry for special needs, it’s common for people to have questions! We welcome all patients, parents, and guardians to contact us with any questions they have. We’re happy to walk you through our services and show you how we can accommodate your child’s needs.

Here are some of the common questions we receive to help you understand what we do.

Do You Offer Anesthesia?

Center for Pediatric Dentistry provides conscious sedation for patients of all ages with nitrous oxide. This leaves patients conscious, but calm and anxiety-free. Oral surgery and other complex procedures may receive full anesthesia in a hospital or surgery center by licensed medical professionals.

It’s always a good idea to sit down and talk with your child about visiting the dentist before their appointment. Bringing them in unexpectedly can make it more likely that they’ll be anxious or upset. Take the time to let them ask questions and explain things to them in a calm way.

If they have a question you aren’t sure how to answer, give our office a call. We’ll work with you to find a friendly and age-appropriate way to address their concerns. Also, remember to have a positive attitude! Kids are much more likely to feel excited about dental visits when they see that you’re excited too.

At Center for Pediatric Dentistry, we always want to do our best to help children feel comfortable and at home during their appointments. Contact us before your visit and let us know what your specific circumstance is and how we can help. We’ll do all we can to accommodate reasonable requests, and will work with you to find workable solutions for things that may not be possible.

Hygiene at-home is essential to protecting healthy teeth, but it can also be trickier for patients with special needs. Talk with us during visits about what specific issues you’re facing. We’ll help you find strategies and solutions you can use, including special tools, creating routines, or even ways to make the process more fun!

Quality Dentistry for Every Patient in Gilbert

At Center for Pediatric Dentistry, helping our patients smile is what we love most. We’re proud to offer dedicated and compassionate care to those who need it most. No matter what your circumstances, Dr. Abdoll and his team welcome all patients with special needs, young and old alike.

Contact our office today to get the care your loved one deserves! A healthy smile is just a call away!